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Manufacture’s limited warranty

HoIP Telecom warrants to the original retail purchaser (“Consumer” or “You”) that this HoIP Telecom PEBBELL device and all accessories originally provided by HoIP Telecom in the sales package (“Product”) are free from defects in materials, design and workmanship under normal use in accordance with the operating instructions and pursuant to the following terms and conditions. HoIP Telecom warrants to you that during the warranty period HoIP Telecom or a HoIP Telecom authorized service company will in a commercially reasonable time remedy defects in materials, design and workmanship free of charge by repairing or, should HoIP Telecom in its discretion deem it necessary, replacing the Product in accordance with this Limited Warranty (unless otherwise required by law). Some limitations to the warranty service may apply because of country specific elements in the Products. This limited warranty extends only to the Consumer for Products purchased and used in the original country of purchase. The limited warranty is valid only in HoIP Telecom intended country of sales of the product.

Warranty Period
The warranty period starts at the time of Product’s original purchase by the first end-user. The Product may consist of several different parts and different parts may be covered by a different warranty period (hereinafter “Warranty Period”). The different Warranty Periods are:

  1. Twelve (12) months for Pebbell or Pebbell 2 device and three (3) months for accessories (whether included in the mobile device sales package or sold separately) other than the consumable parts and accessories listed in 2) and 3) below;

2.Three (3) months for the following consumable parts and accessories: batteries, chargers, cables and covers; and Ninety (90) days for the media on which any software is provided,

As far as your national laws permit, the Warranty Period will not be extended or renewed or otherwise affected due to subsequent resale, HoIP authorized repair or replacement of the Product. However, part(s) repaired or replacement product during the Warranty Period will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period or for sixty (60) days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.

How to get warranty service
If you wish to make a claim under this Limited Warranty, please return your Product or the affected part (if it is not the entire Product) to a HoIP authorised service company. You can call a HoIP Customer Care (national or premium rates may apply) for further details or contact: [email protected] on how to make a claim. Information about HoIP authorised service companies can be found in the sales package, or at local Pebbell or Pebbell 2 web pages, where available.

Any claim under this Limited Warranty is subject to you notifying HoIP or a HoIP authorised service company of the alleged defect within a reasonable time of it having come to your attention and in any event no later than before the expiry of the Warranty Period

When making a claim under this Limited Warranty you will be required to provide: a) the Product (or the affected part) and b) the original proof of purchase, which clearly indicates the name and address of the seller, the date and place of purchase, the product type and the IMEI or other serial number.

What is not covered by the warranty
This warranty is not valid if the defects are due to damage, misuse, tampering, neglect or lack of care and in case of alterations or repair carried out by unauthorised persons.

  • Product that has been subjected to misuse, accident, neglect, shipping or other physical damage, improper installation, abnormal operation handling, access to incompatible sources, fire, liquid, moist or spills of food; or

  • Damages from improper repair, testing, installation, operation, unauthorised software applications or any alteration or modification by anyone not authorised by HoIP; or

  • Damages, defects or problems caused by uses with non-Benefon products or accessories; or

  • Product that has reception or operation problems caused by signal conditions,

network reliability or cable or antenna systems; or

  • Product serial number has been removed, erased, altered or product returned without valid proof of purchase or which proof of purchase has been altered or is illegible.
  • Normal wear and tear or Force Majeure.
The expiration date for warranty of this product
 HoIP dealer who sold the product
 IMEI code/serial number of this product

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