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    UK's best National Roaming Network Coverage

When it really matters – whether in an emergency, or when it’s a necessity to stay connected, HoIP Telecom’s Strongest Signal Mobile service offers the highest possible levels of mobile network coverage in the UK.


Strongest Signal Mobile service can be relied upon to give you the best possible chance of coverage by providing access to all UK GSM networks and selecting the best automatically based on signal strength, which ensures the delivery of a seamless service.


The SSM SIM Service offers a plain and simple solution: no subsidized handsets are included, just security and access at the highest level. We do provide our SSM SIM service mainly for business customers but we will always do our very best to effort to serve also all private enquiries.

HoIP Telecom’s SSM Freedom Prime or Pro SIM service provides the highest level of coverage when one or more operators in the UK are unavailable. By providing seamless access to other operators’ networks the service is perfect for those who need to maximise their mobile coverage for crisis critical management. SSM is currently the first choice Strongest Signal Mobile Service for a wide range of connection critical markets including:

Our customizable connectivity solutions enable you to choose exactly the kind of network connectivity you desire.You can choose areas of coverage, provided services, set up, price plans and more.And with 200+ networks we guarantee redundancy and security for you and your customers.

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 Smart Health
 Smart Wellbeing
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  Emergency Planners
  Security Services
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 Medical Monitoring
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The Freedom SIM service is implemented on an advanced platform which has been built using world-class GSM technologies and established GSM standards. The Freedom SIM card connects seamlessly and reliably to the strongest signal, best quality GSM networks covering all 4 network providers in UK, ensuring the best call quality and the highest  highest possible coverage for safe and reliable communication

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You too can benefit from greatly reduced prices when you make or receive a call, send an SMS. Freedom SIM suites well on individual usage and we also offer special bundles which are tailored for your needs and offer even greater savings for you or your customers. We can also provide bundles  to make and receive calls, SMS bundles for texting.

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The Freedom SIM service is designed to take the mystery out of mobile communications costs. There are no hidden extra charges - Freedom SIM is a completely transparent service. Our straight forward low prices are easy to understand and our user friendly on line call records let you see exactly how much you are spending as you use the service.You can be sure there will be no nasty bills waiting for you The Freedom SIM service also provides a number of clever features which makes the service even more convenient.


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