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SOS Pebbell 2 Call
This new version of our famous Pebbell Tracker is now waterproof and comes with a convenient charging cradle.

This emergency locator and alarm is ideal for your loved ones and carers to locate and speak with each other. It can be used by familes of people living with dementia, carers of people living with medical conditions and familes with children too.

When the wearer presses the SOS button situated on the front of the device:

  • An SOS text message is sent to up to three registered contacts that contains key information about the status of the device as well as a Google Maps link which shows the location of the wearer at the time of activation.
  1. The tracker calls the 1st SOS contact. The Pebbell’s two way speech allows the wearer to talk into the device and directly communicate with their contact.
  2. If the first number doesn’t answer the phone then the device will continue to dial the 2nd contact and in turn the 3rd contact.

Additionally when you want to find out the Pebbell 2 device status you can simply text a command to it or give it a call and it will reply back to you with an update on its last location and the device status.

The Pebbell 2 has been redesigned and is now sleeker and easier to use than ever before. The device is now waterproof allowing its wearer to use it in any environment, whether they’re in the bathroom or outdoors on a rainy day.

This device provides complete discretion and can be simply put in the pocket, or worn around the neck or wrist.

Pebbell is ideal device for

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Factory Pre-Installed Pro UK+EU Roaming SIM

A key feature of the NEW ebbell 2 device is the roaming SIM card which provides access in UK to O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile, the four largest mobile networks. This means that your NEW Pebbell 2 is always connected to the best available network. HoIP Pro Roaming SIM cards also gives you extra flexibility because the prices you pay in UK are also valid in 31 other EU countries. To use the SIM card, you just top it up EASYPAYG like you would a normal pay as you go mobile phone.

The NEW Pebbell 2 is then available to be used as an emergency mobile phone activating all of its fantastic features! This SIM card is great due to the fact that it roams through available networks which means you can use it even if your network has low signal – it just switches to an available network in your area.

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