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ICE SIM Roaming Tips

  1. Does HoIP Telecom have a roaming agreement with the country I am visiting?

    You can find a list of Pay As You Go Roaming destinations and networks on our website

  2. How much will it cost me to use my phone abroad?

    Using the links above, find the zone applicable to the country you are visiting. Check ‘Roaming Charges’ for a list of charges for making or receiving a call and sending a text. Roamed charges do not form part of your inclusive monthly bundle of minutes and texts.

  3. Can I use Data when roaming?

    Yes you can use your mobile for data service, provided we have an agreement with the country you are visiting. It is important to check the charges before you travel; data is charged according to the roaming zone you are visiting. Also check how your data service is set up to work on your mobile, for example if your mobile is set to automatically poll for email, this may run up large roaming charges. Roamed charges do not form part of your inclusive monthly bundle of data.

  4. Can I check my voicemail abroad?

    Yes – but remember that to check your voicemail you will be charged the same as making a call back home. You will also need to dial a different number to check your voicemail - +44 7624 466121.  We recommend that while roaming you set up an unconditional divert to voicemail, i.e. your phone doesn't ring, your calls go straight to voicemail.  With other diverts, such as calls diverted to voicemail on no reply or busy, you will be charged for the incoming call when someone leaves you a message.

  5. Will I be charged to receive a call?

    You will be charged for receiving a call in any country apart from the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands.

  6. Will my phone work when I am abroad?

    Most mobile phones are Dual or Tri band. European countries operate over Dual band and the USA and Americas operate over Tri band

  7. Will my phone automatically pick up a network?

    Most phones are set up to automatically pick up a network when roaming. You can however select a network manually via the network settings on your handset.

  8. How do I top up my Pay As You Go phone when roaming?

    You can top up by calling our 24 hour service centre on 154.  If you are using your Pay As You Go phone you do not need to use the international dialling code and the call will be free.  However, if you use any other phone and call +44 1624 600154 you will be charged for the call.

  9. Will my charger work?

    Some chargers work on 240v and are 3 pin plugs. If visiting Europe you will need to purchase a 3 pin to 2 pin converter. The USA work on 110v so you may need to purchase a travel charger.

  10. How can I reduce my Roaming charges generally?

    • Use local free, or cheap, Wi-Fi hotspots; these are widely available in hotels, restaurants and airports
    • Switch off automatic downloading of emails, or email attachments
    • Some operators have minimum data session charges: it can be more cost effective to only download emails once a day
    • Sending a text message is cheaper than a 60 second phone call however, charges can build if conducting a conversation via SMS
    • Remember, by checking charges before you travel and following these handy tips you should be able to keep your holiday mobile costs within budget.


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  1. What is PEBBELL’s range?

    PEBBELL has unlimited range in the service coverage area throughout Europe (if the area is covered by a GSM network) thanks to its GPS technology, which works regardless of how far away PEBBELL is from you.

  2. What size and weight is PEBBELL?

    The PEBBELL device weighs around 50 grams and measures 61mm x 44mm x 6mm. Its wings are soft and ergonomic, and mirror the shape of the rain drop. 

  3. Is it a GPS Device?

    Yes, PEBBELL is a small, lightweight device that works based on GSM /GPS

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ICE phone

  1. Can I use more wireless accessories with ICE Phone KIT?

    Yes, you can use the ICE phone KIT with up to 10 wireless buttons or detectors at a time.

    At the same time you can use the phone with unlimited number of smart sockets and relays. The phone has two switches which can control the smart sockets and relays. You can use with ICE phone KIT these wireless buttons, detectors and relays.


    • Personal Help! Button RC-87,
    • Wall button RC-88
    • Wireless doorbell buttonRC-89
    • Smoke detector JA-80S,
    • Door (window) opening deetector JA-81M
    • Smart socket AC-88
    • Wireless relay AC-82,
    • Wireless relay UC-82,
    • Thermostat TP-83
    • Gas leak detector JA-80G.
  2. Is it possible to turn off keyboard sounds?

    Yes, you can lower or turn off keyboard sounds from the Menu -> Settings -> Sound settings -> Keyboard sounds.

  3. May I use standard rechargeable batteries in your phones?

    ICE phone is designed to be powered from the AC power adaptor. That is why using of standard rechargeable batteries, which may vary in parameters from type to type and from producer to producer, is not suitable. The charging process has been well tuned up for the specific batteries and our phones do not support using of standard rechargeable. Please contact your seller for information about the battery replacement.

  4. Is it possible to use a headset with your ICE Phone? Do you deliver any headsets?

    Yes, it is possible to connect a headset equipped with an RJ-11 connector. You can plug it in instead of the handset cable. If you want to answer the call. With ICE phone you answer the call into your headset by pressing a space bar on the telephone. You need to have the "headset mode" activated. This mode is supported on ICE phone.

    We do not sell any headsets. Please contact your local provider of phone accessories. If you want to use a standard PC headset, we offer a headset connector. It is reduction between RJ-11 and 2x 3,5mm jack.

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Purchase Assisted Living products

  1. How to choose Equipment, products and technology to help me?

    Everyone is differentand there is no one piece of product or equipment that will be right for everyone. Think about:

    ● What you both want to do

    ● Where these activities take place

    ● The people and services that may be able to help

    ● The individual’s personality, changing abilities, physical needs, interests and ability to learn new things


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